Search For Potential Candidates

Job Portals

We have invested in all the best Job Portals in India as we want to utilse all the options available to us.

It is hard work to get the right CVs form Job Portals since you need to figure out the right keywords for the right profile even after that alot of unfiltered and un-updated CVs are dumped in the portal; we have a specilised team for this specific task, who have a backround in IT & Recruitment.

Constant Utilisation of the portals for serching the candidates who could be potential hires for our clients in the future.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media has infuenced the lives of everyone and has become a great tool for connecting with people from all around the globe.

The ability to find potential candidate depends upon number of quality connection on these platforms, we have above 200000+ connection combined who help us connect with more people looking for a job ovearseas.

Head Hunting

This is the most unorthodox yet useful way of finding candidates. When all options seem to close we send a team out to specific locations to find the candidates in anyway possible, since we firmily belive there is always a potentional candidate out their to be hired.

Our Databank & Good Will

It has been over 25 years in this industry, we have successfully deployed over 30000+ Workers.

Satisfied candidates stay in touch and refer our agencies name to friends/colleagues who give us more connection this has created an ever-growing network for us with trusted candidate and their friends/colleague who want to be employed through us only.



HR Team follows a series of steps for screeing the candidaidtaes before considering them for the Interview.

First step is to study the employers profile & the projects nature follwed by discussion of the Job Description ourselves on the basis of our homework we then create a detailed check list for shortlisting the candidates for the Interview.


We also crate our own written test for candidate which we conduct online in our presence for catagories that are highly technical, grading them as per the answers and sharing the results with our client.


All documents are sent to verification department, who are dealing with cheking the authentictiy of documents attched by candidates with their CVs, their duty is to check hallmarks on tradetest and checking notmark on Educational Documents. Documents that look slightly tampered are verfied by calling and checking with the issuing athority of the document. This department also helps selected candidates with Document Attestaion &Apostille.



This is the most usual way of interview for white & grey collar catagories.

We get the candidate registred and well versed with the specific application the cleints wants to interview in.

We create a datasheet with all relevent information of the shortlisted candidates with interview dates and time after consultaion with the employer.

One member form our HR Team is always persent in the online intevriews to take notes, resolve issues and translate for the employee or employer if required

Face to Face

This method is crucial for Bulk Hiring of diffrent catagories, werein candidates are required for projects or new division immediately.

It is faster and more effective than any other process.

Our first step is to overlook various factors ranging from quanity, quality, salary, language & what is required the most urgently, on the basis of which we plan a route for our campain with the client.

Since India is a large nation and good workmen are found in specific areas, we plan a route favouring our client.

Now the stage is set, we spread the demand sheet through our network, online platfroms, newspapaer ads, etc, booking testing centers & equipment in diffrent locations specifing dates and timming.

Candidates who turn up are interviewed, shorlisted and departed instantly to their Job Location.


Trust that we have earned between us and our client through succefull campings and hiring throughout the years

These clinets have limited their involvment in our hiring process for their company.

They only send us the requirments and trust our HR Team with the complete hiring process till the deployemnt of the candidates

Visa Process

Medical Test

Medical test is an import aspcet for any Visa to be stanped as per the country.

Most of the candidates need help through the process & where to apply?

We help candidates step by step through all the steps till the collection of their final report.


Documentaion and paperworks requirements are diffrent for each country.

As per Visa catagory, type of Visa and country we start documentaion process and inform the client for the time line required till the Visa is Stamped.

Emigration Clearnace

Emigration clearn is required by few countries.

We get it done for candidates with ECR status passports from Protector of Emigrants (POE), Ministary of Foreign Affairs, Government of India.

Orientation & Departure

Pre-Departure Orientaion

This is a very nonessential ascpect of our hiring procedure but we take it very seriously as it can have really positive effects after the candidate steps foot on foreign land.

70% of the candidates donot have a working experince abroad, it is very natural for the candidates to fill up with thoughts which they should not take with them from their native places.

We have a chat with each candidate one day prior to their flight, give them a pep talk which we have learnt thought the years of talking to nervous candidates, after recving apprication from candidates and learning about the positve effects of this part of the process we have made it a mandate in our company.

Any one member of our team volintarily takes out time for each candidates pre-departure orientaion.


This is our final step, we await for the schdule & air tickets from the client for the candidates, we share final documents with them and coordinate till they reach their final location.